Recent updates to Website Information

Updated on a weekly basis:-
Team selection – Match Team Selections
Bowls results – Bowling Results

Updated 20th September
The Defibrillator Talk planned for Saturday 13th October has had to be postponed – details on:-Club News update

Updated 11th September
Winter program dates added:-Club News update
and following pages updated:-
Indoor Games Afternoons
Short Mat Bowls

Updated 10th September
Details of the Annual Lunch and Presentation of Trophies added:-Club News update

Updated 9th September
2018 Club Competition Winners Page Updated :- 2018 Club Competition Winners
2018 Club Competition Winners photo’s page updated :- 2018 Club Competition Winners Photo’s
2018 Club Finals Weekend photo’s updated :- 2018 Club Finals Weekend Photo’s

Updated 1st September
2019 Club Officials and nomination lists added:-Club News update

Updated 24th August
Car Parking update added :-Club News update
New Page on Car Parking added to the website :-Car Parking

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