Club Presidents Welcome

Mike Davies
President 2017-2018
Dear fellow members,
It is with a deep feeling of humility that I write this welcome to 2018 and another year of bowling.
When I was elected as Vice President in December last year I looked forward to a year whereby I could leave the committed work to the President and take the twelve months as ‘on the job’ training for my position as President in 2019.

It came as rather a shock therefore when I was told that due to personal commitments the President was unable to continue in the position and would I be prepared to take this position early.
Lillington Bowling Club is one of the biggest outdoor green bowling clubs in the county, but although It might not be the largest in membership, it has by far the biggest heart.
We have without question the friendliest crowd of members it is possible to have, and it is not just ourselves who think that, we are the envy of every other club.

The dedication of our members to maintaining our club is legendary. From maintaining the green, its buildings and environs, our many social activities, our catering, and by no means least the commitment we have for introducing youngsters into the game.

I have been a member for eight years this summer and it is a club I am immensely proud to be a a member of and I never cease to praise its virtues when I am playing away at other clubs.
Every year the President chooses a charity to support and I did not have to think very hard about choosing Dementia UK as mine. To see a loved one, previously of great intelligence, gradually deteriorating to one or other of the effects of this horrible condition is not something I wish to dwell on. Therefore, this year I will be looking to the never-failing generosity of our members to support this worthwhile charity.
(Details can be found at:- 2018 Presidents Charity)

Whatever your category of membership, full, social, snooker or junior, whether you enjoy our twice weekly galas, or are involved in the more competitive activities of bowling, may I wish you all a happy and successful season.

Good bowling and best wishes
Mike Davies – Club President

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