Snooker Section Raft Race 2015

Snooker Section – Courier article
Please see the attached article published in the Courier regarding the winning of the fundraising shield for the 2015 raft race.
Courier Article.

Update from Mark Allen
We were the last raft to actually start but came 4th out of 11 rafts and would’ve been higher still had the raft been able to maintain a straight line and had we not lost a lot of time at the weir (where we got overtaken by 3 rafts all of which we managed to get past again).

It looks like our final Raft Race total raised by the Snooker Section will be £1906.45

Below are photo’s of the Snooker Teams 2015 Raft race held on Saturday 20th June.
It’s a compilation of the stills and film clips accompanied by some rather dramatic music, put together by James Langley (son of raft crew-member, Chris)
2015 Raft Race Video This is a link to the Raft Race video.
2015 Race Race Photo’s This is a link to the Raft Race Photos.

Report from Mark Allen
The raft was made from 728 bottles lashed together with over ¼-mile of “Tickitape” (duct-tape) and it won an award for the “Most Innovative Raft” which will be kept at the Club.
The lion on the front is “Olly The Brave”, the official stuffed toy produced by “Molly Olly’s Wishes” (one of the two charities we’re supporting)
and they gave it to us to do with whatever we wanted. – there was only ever one option really!

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