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Tuesday Gala Reports
Tuesday 15th May – 30 members played in 5 triples with 14 ends being played.
A lovely sunny evening to play bowls.

Friday Gala Reports
Friday 11th May – Pleasant weather and great bowling green to go with it as 26 members attended.
A rink and 3 triples played on an afternoon where all the matches were good, close games.

Paul E Smith, Peter Delow, David Golder and John Henfrey beat Ron Cooke, Brenda Lee, Derek Foster and Jeff Humphries 14 – 10 in the rink.
Mike Cox, Ginny Burns and Ted Rheams narrowly won against Edna Cooke, Joan Nixon and Val Joyce, 11 – 9.
The second of the triples saw Andrea Henderson, Alison Cox and Rob Watts win 13 – 9 against Gordon Coates, Linda Kirby and Jean Redgate.
The highest winning rink, Liz Dix, Hugh Matthews and David Conelly beat Esther Humphries, Philip Page and Roy Britain, 16 – 10.

A huge thanks goes to Paul Wakem for holding the fort for this particular gala as the tea maker.

Friday 18th May – Glorious sunny weather as 35 members attended.
A big thanks goes to Andy Hughes for stepping down and then making the tea and washing up. Very much appreciated. With 34 participants, 2 rinks and 3 triples were played.

Nigel Glenister, David Greaves, Hugh Matthews and Alan Donaldson beat Ron Cooke, David Golder, Derek Foster and Val Joyce, 17 – 9.
Peter Delow, Susie Clarkson, Ted Swann and Ted Rheams beat Joan Nixon, Linda Kirby, Clive Trentham and Roy Britain, 24 – 11.
On to the triples, Gordon Coates, Paul Wakem and Jeff Humphries beat Kay Gebbels, Edna Cooke and David Conelly, 21 – 8.
The highest winning rink was the triple of Geraint Williams, Pauline Smith and John Henfrey. They won
23 – 7 over Clive Antrobus, Esther Humphries and Rob Watts.
Jean Page, Mick Smith and Tony Stafford won 17 – 8 against Barbara Donaldson, Philip Page and Jean Redgate.

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