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This page has been created to allow members quick access to information, it will be used to inform members of any news or changes to existing published website information.
Club Website – Any requests for additions or changes to the Website should be emailed to :-
Website Update
The website has been updated for 2018 with new colours, picture background and menus.
A site index has been included at the top level to allow direct access to any page.
Social EventBeetle Drive
Friday 23rd March 2018, 19.00

For full details please view:- Beetle Drive Poster
The Poster and Attendance Sheet will be on the Clubs Notice Board.
Please add your name if you wish to attend this event

Advanced Notice – Social EventPre Season Gathering
Friday 13th April 2018, 19.00

For full details please view:- Pre Season Gathering Poster

New 2018 Club President – Mike Davies
The 2018 Club Presidents welcome message can be viewed at:- Club Presidents Welcome
Information on the 2018 Club Presidents Charity can be viewed at:- Club Presidents Charity
National Bowls Competitions – Top Club
There is a list on the notice board for you to put your name down if you would like to be considered for the Top Club competition.
For details of the Ladies competition please view :- Ladies National Bowls Competitions
For details of the Mens competition please view :- Mens National Bowls Competitions
New Equipment Shed – Progress of construction
For pictures of the construction process please view:- New Equipment Shed Construction Photo’s

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