Bowling Competition Rules

The Clubs Internal Competition Bowling Rules are as follows:-
  1. Finals Weekend date to be prominently displayed on both Ladies’ and Men’s notice boards.
  2. Entry sheets to be taken down by 12 May (to be decided by Competition Secretary).
  3. Draw sheets to be on notice boards by 19 May (to be decided by Competition Secretary). Competitors to start play as early as possible.
  4. A MINIMUM of 2 weeks between rounds to be arranged as appropriate.
  5. Games must be played by the closing date in each round: failure to do so could lead to disqualification. Only exceptional circumstances will be considered by the Competition Secretary, whose decision is final.
  6. Challengers (first named in each round) are responsible to offer their opponents 2 alternative dates for the game, book a rink and for each singles game arrange for a marker. Dates must be provided as soon a possible but by not later than the end of the first week of the round. (It is in the interests of all concerned that both challengers and opponents cooperate to arrange the game).
  7. A Marker is required for each singles game. The Marker should be agreed by both competitors. An independent party may be called if an umpire’s decision is required.
  8. Handicaps must be played off in full.
  9. In the event that a competition is unable to be completed, it will be continued at another date to be arranged. Trial ends will be allowed at the start of the continuation.
  10. Both players or skips must sign the card, with the time the game was completed and place the card in the competition box below the Competition Notice Board.
  11. Score boards must be kept up to date.
  12. All competitions to be completed 7 clear days before Finals Weekend.
  13. Competition Secretaries to meet at least 6 days before Finals Weekend to draw up the playing schedule and display it on notice boards at least 4 days before Finals Weekend.
  14. Entry fee will be £3.00 per competition per person. Money to be collected by the Competition Secretary.
  15. Matches can be claimed if competitors arrive more than 30 minutes late.
  16. Dress for competitors will be greys up to and including semi-final; whites for final. Markers to wear greys for all rounds including final.
  17. Any queries regarding competitions to be referred to the Competition Secretaries and if necessary to the Bowls Committee.
  18. No player may play in more than one competition on the same rink on the same day. In the event of a player being drawn on the same rink as he/she played earlier, then he/she must declare.
  19. Finals Weekend

  20. All finals (unless otherwise stated) will be played over Finals Weekend (Saturday/Sunday).
  21. Any competitor unable to play on Finals Weekend must withdraw at or before the quarter final stage.
  22. In the event of a finalist being unable to play, both losing semi-finalists will play off for a place in the final. No final will be won by walkover or default.
  23. Trophies will be presented at the end of Finals Weekend.
  24. Any circumstances not covered by the above rules will be decided by the appropriate Bowls Committee.

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