Car Parking

Lillington Bowling Club – Parking Policy

  1. The Club has two car parking areas. The top car park, adjacent to the Club entrance, can
    accommodate 12 cars in designated places while the lower car park located at the corner of Lime
    Avenue and Kinross Road can accommodate approximately 12 cars parked on grass. An H-bar
    (white line) has been installed across the entrance to the top car park at the Club’s request to
    discourage street parking over the entrance.Vehicles must not be parked in this entrance between the
    footpath and the road.
  2. Parking in the Club car parks is open to Members and visitors (subject to availability) when
    attending or representing the Club. Members should not use the Club car parks when they are not
    on Club business.
  3. Anyone using the Club’s car parks does so at their own risk. The Club cannot accept responsibility
    for any damage or loss relating to vehicles or their contents.

  4. Priority parking is available for disabled drivers and for the duty bar person after 5:00 pm in the
    allocated spaces in the top car park. All other parking is on a non-priority basis (i.e. first come first
  5. In certain circumstances the Management Committee may allow a car park reservation to be made;
    for example reserving space to allow a bus from a visiting team to be parked.
  6. In certain circumstances the Management Committee may allow parking of vehicles that are not
    directly on Club business provided this does not restrict parking for Members. For example
    allowing parking for participants in an organised bowls trip or allowing a local church to use our car
    park as an overflow for a special event.
  7. Car sharing for Members attending away fixtures is encouraged; in which case cars left at the Club
    by Members should not be parked in the top car park.
  8. At times when the demand for car parking spaces is likely to be high, Members are requested to
    make alternative arrangements if at all possible; e.g. car sharing or arranging to be dropped off and
    picked up.
  9. On match days the captain of the day should ensure that the “no-waiting” cones are placed at the
    ends of the H-Bar to discourage road parking close to the entrance to the top car park which restricts
    the sight line of vehicles exiting the car park.
  10. It is recognised that the Club cannot control parking on the public highway but Members are
    requested to be aware of the dangers caused by inconsiderate road parking and the inconvenience
    that this may cause for our neighbours. Lime Avenue is a busy road and is on a bus route. Parking
    on Lime Avenue should be a last resort. Members are reminded of the following extracts from the
    Highway Code:
    Rule 243
    DO NOT stop or park:
    • anywhere you would prevent access for Emergency Services
    • at or near a bus or tram stop or taxi rank
    • opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space
    • where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users and powered mobility vehicles
    • in front of an entrance to a property
    Rule 248
    You MUST NOT park on a road at night facing against the direction of the traffic flow unless in a
    recognised parking space.

Approved by the Management Committee: 03/04/2019

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