Snooker & Billiards History

The Snooker and Billiards Section was formed in 1932, and at that time was centered around the use of one table, but as the club became more and more popular and the membership increased a second table was bought at an auction.
During the war years alterations were made to the snooker room as well as the rest of the clubhouse, and a gents card room was built at the very back of the room which was partitioned off so as not to distract the snooker and billiards players.
The inaugural Club Snooker Championship began at the start of the l958/59 season and was subsequently won by C. Warwick, who was the first of many club champions to receive the Snooker Championship Trophy, the ‘Revening Cup’.

The Snooker Handicap Championship was introduced in the 1975/76 season, with P. Harrison being the first winner of this new competition.

It was not until the early 1980s that the club had top teams in both snooker and billiards leagues. One of the snooker teams competed in the top division for several seasons, with the billiards teams winning league trophies in team and individual competitions.

The inaugural Club Billiards Championship began during the 1984/85 season with W. Stokes being the first winner of the Club Championship Shield.

The Billiards Handicapped Championship was introduced in the 1988/89 season with D. Golder winning the ‘Williams Stokes Trophy’ which was named in honour of our first Club Billiards Champion.

During the 2012/13 season one of our long serving snooker team members sadly passed away, as a fitting tribute the Snooker Handicap Trophy will be now known as the ‘Doug Denniss Trophy’ in his memory.

The Billiards section of the Club closed following the 2013 season.

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