Mens Coventry League Regulations



Regulation 1 Fixtures

The Management Committee shall provide a Fixture List, during the month of January, indicating the dates and times on which League matches shall be played. If Cup matches are a ‘play by date’ the home team must offer their opponents prior to the play by date three dates, one of which must be a week-end.

Regulation 2 Selection

Selection for teams shall be open to all Member Clubs’ male members provided that they have not represented another Club in the League or Cup Competitions that season.
Juveniles and vulnerable persons are eligible to play in the league but come under the responsibility of their team.

Regulation 3 Dress

(a) League and Cup matches

The members of each team shall be dressed in white, brown or grey shoes and grey trousers. The members shall be uniformly dressed above the waist in white shirts and Club ties (the latter may be removed during the match) or in shirts/jackets in Club colours as approved by the Warwickshire County Bowling Association. Other clothing, if worn on the green, shall be white.

(b) Chairman’s Day

Dress will be white trousers, white shirt or Club colours..

Regulation 4 Umpires and Disputes

All Home teams should endeavour to appoint an Umpire for the evening but any disputes that cannot be resolved at that level should be reported to the Secretary who will, if necessary, seek a ruling from the Management Committee. Any decision so determined shall be final for the current season.

Regulation 5 Teams

(a) League

Teams to consist of three rinks with the Home team captain electing which of their Skips play on which rink they wish. The question of which rink shall oppose each other shall be decided by a “blind” draw.

(b) Cup

Teams to consist of three rinks with the draw for rink and opponents being decided by a “blind” draw.

Regulation 6 Matches

All Matches

Matches shall be played on greens of natural grass and on rinks approved for County Competitions, in accordance with Bowls England Laws of the Game and with any rules, regulations, bye-laws etc of the Member Club on whose green(s) matches are played.

Matches shall be played over a maximum of eighteen ends primarily on Monday evenings on the dates and on the greens stated in the Fixture List. In the event of the Home team’s green not being available, except due to inclement weather, the home team captain shall be responsible for making arrangements for a match to be played on an alternative green.

If a Club has more than one team in the League 12 players must be nominated for each team above the lowest. The names of nominated players must be forwarded to the League Secretary prior to the start of the league season. Nominated players may not play for a lower team but can play for a higher team.

This ruling is applicable to league matches only. For Cup matches players are tied to the team they first play for.

If a team has four or more players playing in a County Competition and are unable to field a team they may contact the League Secretary to obtain agreement with their opponents to play their match within three weeks of the fixture date. Failure to re arrange the Committee will consider all circumstances and will take any action necessary.

Any match postponed or abandoned before each rink has completed nine ends shall be re-arranged and played in full. The Home team captain shall offer three dates within the next two weeks to replay a League match, and two dates to replay a Cup match before the date of the next round.

Provided each rink has completed at least nine ends, the score at the last completed end shall be taken into account in determining the result of the match (see Regulation 7).

Unless an earlier time is mutually agreed, all matches in June and July shall commence not later than 6.15pm, and in May, August and September not later than 6.00pm.

Trial ends shall not be played, and only skips may visit the head

a) League Matches

If any members of a team fail to appear within fifteen minutes of the scheduled commencement of the match, that team shall forfeit the Match Points. In the event of seven or less members of a team arriving, the match will be forfeit and the opponents shall receive ten points but no shots. At the expiration of fifteen minutes, if eight or more players are present they shall be divided into the maximum number of rinks and triples possible to play for the Rink Points. A team of eleven shall play as two rinks and one triple. In all cases Bowls England Laws apply to a rink versus a triple.

(b) Cup Matches

If fewer than eleven members of a team fail to appear within fifteen minutes of the scheduled commencement of the match, the team shall forfeit the match.

Regulation 7 Scoring

(a) League Matches

Match and Rink Points shall be awarded as follows:-

Match win 4 points Rink win 2 points
Match draw 2 points Rink draw 1 point

In the event of teams being tied on points, the higher League position between the teams shall be based on the better shot difference.

(b) Cup Matches

The match shall be won by the team whose rinks gain the higher aggregate shots from the three rinks. In the event of a tie, a draw shall be made (prior to the start of the match) for one rink to play extra ends until a result is achieved.

(c) General

The Home team captain is responsible for notifying results of League and Cup matches to the Secretary within twenty-four hours of the match, or immediately after re-arranged Cup matches.

Regulation 8 Prizes

(a) League

Divisional champions shall retain the Divisional shield for one year.

Prize money shall consist of the Match Fees. The amount payable to each team shall be calculated by using the following formula:

Total Match Fees received per Division x Number of points won
Total points available (eg 300 for a 6-team Division)

(b) Cup

Prize money shall consist of the Competition Fees and shall be paid to Member teams in the following percentages:-

Winner 50% Runner-up 25%
Losing semifinalists 12.5% each

Regulation 9 Annual Presentation of Prizes

Prizes shall be presented annually, usually on Chairman’s Day when the Chairman’s Gala will be held

Regulation 10 Gala

Each team must play in the Gala. Failure to do so or the non arrival of the rink will result in £25.00 being deducted from their League prize money. Any future failure by that team to play in the Gala will also incur a ten point deduction at the start of the next season (subject to the discretion of the Committee).
Approved by the Management Committee January 2015

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