Mens Coventry League Rules


Rule 1 Title

The League shall be known as the “Coventry “Six” Bowls League”, hereinafter referred to as the “League”.

Rule 2 Objectives

The objective of the League is to promote competitive bowls between clubs in the Coventry area, as rule 3(c).

Rule 3 Membership

(a) Membership shall be open to all Clubs affiliated to the Warwickshire County Bowling Association within a radius of 15 miles from the centre of Coventry (“Member Clubs”). Clubs may enter as many teams as they wish.

(b) Delegates and playing members of teams must be current members of that
Member club. Officers must be members of a member club.

(c) Applications for membership of new Club/Teams to participate in the League in
the next season shall be made before 30 November of the year preceding it. All applications will be considered by the A.G.M. Subject to acceptance of the application new teams shall be placed in the lowest division. The Management Committee shall decide on the re-arrangement of the divisions.

(d) Any Team which fails to complete the League programme in any one season, or in any other way is in default, may, at the discretion of the A.G.M., be expelled from the League. Any re-application for membership shall be treated as if it had been made by a new Team.

Rule 4 Fees

(a) Affiliation Fee

The Affiliation Fee shall be approved by the Annual General Meeting and will be used to meet the administrative expenses of running the League.

(b) League Fees

The League Fee shall be approved by the Annual General Meeting and will be used in its entirety as prize money at levels approved by the Management Committee.

(c) Knock out Cup Fee

The Knock out Cup Fee shall be approved by the Annual General Meeting and will be used in its entirety as prize money at levels approved by the Management Committee.

(d) Chairman’s Day Fee (Prizes and Administration)

This fee shall be approved by the Annual General Meeting and will be used in its entirety
for Chairman’s Day.

Member Clubs shall pay all fees to the Treasurer prior to the commencement of the League programme.

Rule 5 Default of Payment of any Fees

Any Club being in default of the payment of any of the Fees as provided in Rule 4 shall be deemed to have resigned from the League, will forfeit any points accrued or monetary prizes due, and the provisions of Rule 3(d) will apply.

Rule 6 Management

(a) Management Committee

The affairs of the League will be controlled by a Management Committee consisting of a Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer (“the Officers”) and one delegate from each division elected at the Annual General Meeting.

(b) Committee Vacancy

The Management Committee shall have the power to co-opt a person who is a full member of one of the Teams to fill any vacancy until the next General Meeting.

Rule 7 Functions of the Honorary Secretary

The Honorary Secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes of the Annual General Meeting and all Management Committee Meetings and carry out all other secretarial duties in accordance with the lawful decisions of such meetings.

Rule 8 Functions of the Honorary Treasurer

The Honorary Treasurer shall keep and render to the Annual General Meeting a true account of the income and expenditure for the past year, duly certificated. He shall act in accordance with the lawful decisions of the Annual and other General Meetings and the Management Committee. He shall also report the current financial position of the League to the scheduled meetings of the Management Committee.

Rule 9 Functions of the Management Committee

The functions of the Management Committee include

(a) To make Regulations consistent with these Rules for the governing of the affairs of the League and the conduct of the Teams in relation to the League.

(b) To decide any question arising on the interpretation of these Rules and Regulations;

(c) To appoint, where necessary, delegates to carry out special responsibilities;

(d) To receive, on request, reports from the Officers and any delegates having special responsibilities;

(e) To consider, if requested, any questions of emergency, at a Management Committee meeting
(f) A quorum shall as a rule be two Officers and two delegates.

Rule 10 General Meetings

(a) Annual General Meeting

(i) An Annual General Meeting shall be held at a Member Club, as selected by the Chairman, in January of each year and in any case not more than fifteen months after the previous Annual General Meeting.

The Honorary Secretary shall give notice of the Meeting to at least one delegate of each Team at least twenty eight days prior to the Meeting.

(ii) Notices of proposals for consideration at the Annual General Meeting should be notified in writing to the Honorary Secretary so as to reach him no later than the 30th November

(b) Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting must be called by the Honorary Secretary

(i) If required to do so by a requisition signed by the delegates of not less than seven Teams.

(ii) In pursuance of a resolution passed by the Management Committee.

In both instances the Special General Meeting shall be held not less than fourteen days and not more than twenty-one days from the date of the Honorary Secretary’s receipt of the requisition or passing of the resolution. The Honorary Secretary shall give at least one delegate of each Team not less than seven days’ notice of the Special General Meeting which shall deal solely with the business specified in the requisition or resolution.

Rule 11 Voting

At a Meeting, whether Annual General or Special General voting shall be confined to one delegate from each Team. No officer may have a vote by virtue of his office, but may vote if acting as his Team delegate. Proxy voting is not allowed.

Rule 12 Certification of accounts

Two persons shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. Any person so elected may be independent of any Member Clubs, and shall not be a member of the Management Committee.

Rule 13 Laws of the Sport

All matches arranged or approved by the Management Committee shall be played in accordance with the Laws of the Sport as prescribed by World Bowls and in accordance with Regulations made by the Management Committee.

Rule 14 Alterations of Rules

The Rules of the League may at any time be altered at a General Meeting of the League provided that any proposal concerning their alteration is carried by a majority of at least two-thirds of those eligible to vote in accordance with Rule 11.

Approved by A.G.M. January 2015

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