Courier League Overview

A full set of the Courier league Rules can be found at: – Courier Rules

  1. The Courier league is open to male members of the Club and is run as a Triples championship.
  2. All male members wishing to play in the League should enter their names on the notice that will be displayed on the Club notice board at the end of each season.
  3. The completed list will be reviewed at a meeting of the Club Courier Bowls Committee who will decide in which team a member will play. The Courier Bowls Committee, consisting of the three Captains, the Club Courier Representative and a Club Coach
  4. The Committee select who they consider should be in the three teams and these are tabled at a selection meeting. To select the players for each team, the procedure adopted is, consider each team in turn, starting with the 1st team, the player with the most votes for a particular team i.e. 1st, 2nd or 3rd will be picked for that team. Finally, to ensure there were not, for example, too many skips in one team the committee in discussion makes the necessary changes to make it fair for each Captain.
  5. Matches are played on a Wednesday afternoon starting at 2.00 p.m.
  6. 18 matches are played starting at the end of April and finishing with an additional 2 Gala matches at the end of September.
  7. Matches can be played either at home or away, the Courier Triples Bowls League officials are responsible for setting up the match timetable.
  8. At the start of the season a sheet will be placed on the club notice board so that members who have been selected for each team can indicate their initial availability throughout the playing season.
  9. The Club currently enters 3 teams currently in different divisions.
  10. Each team will comprise of 9 male members (3 triples).
  11. Each team will have a Captain and Vice Captain who will pick the male members to play in each team.
  12. The team selected for each match will be displayed on the Club notice board, selected players should indicate their availability by ticking their names (also indicating with a ‘D’ if they intend to travel direct to away matches.
  13. Dress code for the matches is grey trousers with Club shirts (Gentlemen who have to wear formal shirts are required to wear the club tie.)
  14. Match fees are £1 per playing member per game.

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