Bowling Green Opening Times

Please Note
ALL Club Matches in the Fixture book take preference over ALL other matches.
ALL competitions either external or internal have the same priority of booking.

Please complete the rink book BEFORE starting play.
Please ensure that you use the rinks in the rink playing order as indicated by the numbered discs.

Opening Times – These times are far more extensive than in previous years and have been set by the Green Management Team to give club member’s maximum use of the green while allowing for proper maintenance and protection of the green
For these reasons the Bowls Committee respectfully request that players do not ask members of the Green Management Team to allow matches to be played outside these set times as it can be embarrassing for the team member to turn down such requests and can often lead to unnecessary telephone calls to clarify the situation.
If you have any query at all then only the Green Manager for that week is the person you should approach but, for very good reasons, the answer will be NO
The Bowling Green will be open at the following Times (Weather Permitting) for the Bowling members of the Club:
Mondays 12.00 General play
Tuesdays 10.00 General play
Wednesdays 10.00 General play
Thursdays 10.00 General play
Friday’s 10.00 General play
Saturdays 10.00 General play
Sundays 10.00 General play

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