Environmental Policy

Lillington Bowling Club is fully committed to the concept of sustainable environmental management and will conduct its activities to ensure that:
• high standards of sustainable environmental management are promoted throughout the club’s environs;
• the creation of waste is minmised and its disposal is made through safe and responsible methods;
• energy efficiency within the club is encouraged at all times;
• recycled materials or those from a sustainable source are used whenever possible;
• car sharing for away fixtures is advocated.

To do so, Lillington Bowling Club shall:
• appoint a member as a sustainable environmental officer to review and monitor the club’s performance and report to the club’s Management Committee.
• encourage members to adopt and take responsibility for the implementation of the environmental policy.

Environmental Sustainability Strategy:
a) All members should be made aware that the club has no council refuse collection. Accordingly, members need to be responsible for any rubbish they generate and should be advised that the preferred option is for them to take any of their own rubbish home for disposal.
b) Reposition bins in and around the club, with clear signage that identifies recyclable and non-recyclable waste.
c) Require club captains, gala supervisors and anyone using the kitchen to ensure that all rubbish that is non-recyclable is taken home for disposal after the event.
d) Stop selling single use plastic bottles in the bar. Instead, glasses of chilled water will be available on request.

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